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What Should You do if Your Pet is Having a Seizure?

Dr. Hunter Finn11/20/2022

Seizures are serious, which is why pet owners should learn what to do in the event of a convulsion. Contact us for an urgent care appointment today.


What to Avoid at the Pet Store

Dr. Hunter Finn10/13/2022

Some dog treats are tempting for your pet but can cause gastrointestinal issues. Learn what to avoid at the pet store and how to choose safe treats.


What Kind of Fruits Can Your Cat Have as a Treat?

Dr. Hunter Finn09/13/2022

Some fruits are safe for cats to eat. Get a complete nutritional assessment from a trained veterinarian and learn how to improve your pet's health.


At What Age is My Dog Fully Grown?

Dr. Hunter Finn08/14/2022

When is your dog fully grown? Our trained veterinarian explains the different growth stages of dogs based on their breed, age, and other factors.


What Dental Chews Should You Give Your Dog/Cat?

Dr. Hunter Finn07/14/2022

Dental chews keep your dog or cat's teeth bright and healthy. Learn how to improve your pet's oral health through VHOC-approved products.


Why Do Dogs Lick Their Paws?

Dr. Hunter Finn06/10/2022

Is your dog excessively licking their paw? A veterinary expert describes situations that could make your furry friend lick their paw more than normal.

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