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Mass Removal in McKinney, TX

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What Is Mass Removal?

Many pets will develop lumps and bumps sometime during their lifespan. While some are harmless, others are masses or tumors that necessitate surgical removal. The team at Pet Method offers diagnostic testing to determine the size and scope of the mass and see whether it is benign or cancerous. If your cat or dog needs mass removal surgery, the procedure can be done right here at our vet clinic in McKinney, TX. Dr. Hunter Finn will work to make the surgical experience as smooth as possible for you and your pet. Throughout the treatment process, he works to alleviate any fear or anxiety that may be caused by visiting the vet. To learn more about mass removal services, please contact our office for an appointment.

What to Expect with Mass Removal

During your initial visit to Pet Method, Dr. Finn will perform a thorough exam to assess the size and placement of the mass. Usually, a biopsy is done by taking a sample of tissue in order to discover whether it is cancerous or benign. It's worth noting that not all tumors require removal. Dr. Finn will discuss all of your options and inform you of any risks to help you make an informed decision regarding your pet. If lump removal surgery is necessary, your pet will be placed under general anesthesia. The procedure itself is fairly simple. Dr. Finn will create an incision in the selected area, followed by extracting the mass and then closing the area with sutures. After the procedure, detailed follow-up instructions will be provided by our staff to ensure proper healing.

Learn More About Lump Removal

It can feel scary to think your pet might have a mass or tumor, but removal surgery may be an option. During a visit to Pet Method in McKinney, TX, Dr. Hunter Finn can provide an exam and help you make the right decision for your dog or cat. We will work with you to offer the most cost-effective treatment options along with payment plans for mass and tumor removal surgeries.


The staff was very accommodating to fit us in as a semi emergency, same day, new patient. Dr Finns recommended treatment worked beautifully. His demeanor was outstanding, he examined my dog where he was most comfortable ie: in my lap and on the floor. Highly recommend.

S.G. Google

Me and my fur baby meeko drive from Cedar Hill to come here! It really is just amazing. Meeko absolutely loves all the staff, they are all so friendly! Pet method has definitely taken the right precautions to ensure that both your fur baby and you have a stress free visit!! We plan on sticking with pet method for a long time!! Picture of how meeko felt after his visit 🤣

J.H. Google

Wow, what a great experience! Dr. Finn and his staff were absolutely wonderful. They were super friendly, answered all my questions, had a super clean office, and treated my cat with kindness and respect. I have been to many vets around the DFW area, and this has been the best experience I have had at a vet. Definitely will bring all my pets here for future wellness checks and more. Thank you!

M.R. Google

I’m new to McKinney and needed to find a vet. I took my older lab, Buddy, to Pet Method. Everyone was so kind and friendly. I was getting around with a broken foot and they went above and out of their way to help me with Buddy while we were there. I loved how they got on the floor with Buddy, at his level and not putting him on an exam table. It made a world of difference. I will definitely take Buddy back from now on!

D.J. Google

Everyone here is so kind & patient. My mom is 75 and we had to take her toy poodle here for an injury he had with his nail. They were all so good with him and very detailed about everything going on. Prices were affordable and service was great! Thank you for taking care of Wheatley!

M.J. Google


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What causes a lump or bump in pets?

There are several reasons why your pet may have a mass (or lump). These can include an abscess or infection, a growth (cyst), a foreign object in the body (granuloma), or a tumor.

If my pet has a mass, does that mean they have cancer?

Not necessarily. Many masses, bumps, and lumps your fur buddy may have are benign, or harmless. However, sometimes it can be a cancerous tumor. That’s why Pet Method provides diagnostic testing to determine the cause of your pet’s mass so you can give your best friend the treatment they need to stay healthy and happy.

Do all masses need to be removed?

Not always. Dr. Finn will perform an exam and biopsy to determine if your pet’s lump needs to be removed or if other treatment options would be better for their health.

Will having a mass removed from my pet hurt them?

No, it won’t. Dr. Finn performs all mass removals with general anesthesia, meaning your little (or big) guy will be completely asleep and feel no pain. During the recovery period, they may have some soreness and tenderness, but this is normal, and there are options to help keep them comfortable as they heal.

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