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Surgical Procedures

Spay and Neuter

Spaying involves the surgical elimination of the female uterus while neutering (castration) is the process of removing a male animal's testicles.

Mass Removal

For pets who have a growth or tumor, our expert veterinarian can perform mass removal surgery to address the issue in a safe and effective manner.

Foreign Body Removal

Foreign body removal surgery is performed to clear an obstruction that occurs in an animal's digestive tract after swallowing a non-food item.

Bladder Stone Removal

Our expert team specializes in the surgical removal of bladder stones, which are hard formations of minerals that make it difficult to pass urine.

Laceration Repair

Our veterinarian performs surgical laceration repair for severe injuries, including deep cuts, puncture wounds, and bite wounds, in dogs and cats.
*Individual results are not guaranteed.