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Annual Wellness Exam in McKinney, TX

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What Is an Annual Wellness Exam?

Just like people, pets need preventive care to safeguard against serious illnesses and medical conditions. At Pet Method in McKinney, TX, Dr. Hunter Finn recommends annual wellness exams to help your pet live a long, healthy life and detect signs of disease early on. Routine wellness exams typically include a full-body physical exam, dental exam, and heartworm check, along with possible lab tests. Your pet's exam and recommendations will be personalized based on age, breed, and lifestyle. Dr. Finn and his team are passionate about offering excellent care and helping your pet feel calm and comfortable. We proudly employ the Fear Free approach to medicine, which aims to make the veterinary experience an enjoyable one for pets and their owners.


What Are The Benefits of An Annual Wellness Exam?

It's not always easy to tell when a pet is sick or in pain. Annual wellness exams give us a chance to check in on their overall health and identify any potential problems early on. Catching diseases early means we can start treatment right away and improve their chances of a full recovery. Dr. Finn understands that your pet is an important member of your family, and we will always work to ensure they receive the best possible care. Pet Method goes above and beyond to make sure you and your pet have a positive experience at our office.

The staff was very accommodating to fit us in as a semi emergency, same day, new patient. Dr Finns recommended treatment worked beautifully. His demeanor was outstanding, he examined my dog where he was most comfortable ie: in my lap and on the floor. Highly recommend.

S.G. Google

Me and my fur baby meeko drive from Cedar Hill to come here! It really is just amazing. Meeko absolutely loves all the staff, they are all so friendly! Pet method has definitely taken the right precautions to ensure that both your fur baby and you have a stress free visit!! We plan on sticking with pet method for a long time!! Picture of how meeko felt after his visit 🤣

J.H. Google

Wow, what a great experience! Dr. Finn and his staff were absolutely wonderful. They were super friendly, answered all my questions, had a super clean office, and treated my cat with kindness and respect. I have been to many vets around the DFW area, and this has been the best experience I have had at a vet. Definitely will bring all my pets here for future wellness checks and more. Thank you!

M.R. Google

I’m new to McKinney and needed to find a vet. I took my older lab, Buddy, to Pet Method. Everyone was so kind and friendly. I was getting around with a broken foot and they went above and out of their way to help me with Buddy while we were there. I loved how they got on the floor with Buddy, at his level and not putting him on an exam table. It made a world of difference. I will definitely take Buddy back from now on!

D.J. Google

Everyone here is so kind & patient. My mom is 75 and we had to take her toy poodle here for an injury he had with his nail. They were all so good with him and very detailed about everything going on. Prices were affordable and service was great! Thank you for taking care of Wheatley!

M.J. Google


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What Happens During A Wellness Exam?

At your pet's wellness exam, Dr. Finn will talk with you about your pet's overall health, behavior, and lifestyle. If you have any concerns about your pet (such as problems with elimination, appetite, etc.), you can share these during your visit. A head-to-tail examination will be performed to check all essential indicators of health, such as your pet's organs, breathing, bones, joints, and heart health. Dr. Finn will recommend any necessary diagnostic tests (like parasite screenings or blood work), vaccines, or lifestyle changes to help ensure optimal health for your pet. While most pets will need one exam per year, Dr. Finn might recommend more frequent wellness visits for older pets or those with chronic health issues.

After Dr. Finn conducts the wellness exam, he will review the results with you and let you know of any points of concern or new conditions he would like to test for or confirm. At this time, he may also recommend any new medications your pet should begin taking, advise of any changes to make to your pet’s diet, and any habits that you need to look out for or change for your pet. Additionally, should your pet require any follow-up appointments or a visit to a specialist, Dr. Finn or a team member will help you schedule these or refer you to the appropriate place.

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Your pet ages at a faster pace than you do, which means they could be susceptible to an array of health concerns during their lifespan. Help keep your pet happy and healthy by receiving regular preventive care at Pet Method in McKinney, TX. Dr. Hunter Finn is trained in the latest techniques to take the fear out of vet visits for your furry family member. Call our office to set up an appointment today.


What happens in a wellness exam?
Pet annual wellness exams share some parallels with human ones. Your furry friend's weight and vitals will be recorded, along with receiving the necessary vaccinations and wellness tests. You also will be able to voice any concerns and refill any prescriptions your pet may need.
How often should my pet have an exam?
As the name suggests, an annual wellness visit should happen once a year. This allows our team to update any of their vaccinations or booster shots. In addition, we can establish a baseline of health for your pet over time to understand if any changes or injuries occur.
What treatments will my pet need?
Every year, dogs usually receive boosters that can include distemper, parvo, and rabies. Cats may receive different boosters, such as feline distemper, rhinotracheitis, and calicivirus. All types of pets have various boosters and shots required at various times in their life which are worth consulting with your veterinarian about.
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