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What Is Laceration Repair?

A laceration is a deep tear in the skin that appears jagged or irregular, often accompanied by severe bleeding. Lacerations in pets can be caused by many different types of traumatic events, like punctures, bite wounds, or getting cut by a wire fence, glass, or another sharp object. If your cat or dog has experienced a laceration injury, the team at Pet Method can render professional wound care in McKinney, TX. We specialize in veterinary first aid and surgical laceration repair for cats and dogs of all types. Throughout veterinary appointments, Dr. Hunter Finn implements calming techniques to help injured pets feel comfortable and at ease. Contact our office to set up an urgent care visit today.

How Do You Treat Lacerations?

Most of the time, a severe laceration is considered a medical emergency. If your pet has a cut or skin wound that penetrates deeply and causes continuous bleeding, please reach out to Pet Method right away. Dr. Hunter Finn will assess the wound and provide quick care to get the issue under control. Anesthesia or a light sedative may be provided to help your pet stay calm during this time. Laceration treatment involves cleaning the wound and applying an antibiotic ointment to prevent infection while sometimes x-rays are also taken to check for any internal damage. Finally, Dr. Finn will typically close the wound using stitches or staples, followed by covering the area with a protective bandage. Home care instructions will be provided to help your pet make a full recovery.

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Wound Care for Dogs and Cats

When your pet is injured, you can rely on the veterinary professionals at Pet Method. We offer rapid care for lacerations and other wounds at our office in McKinney, TX. We look forward to helping your furry companion feel better again.

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    Laceration Repair FAQs

    If your pet has a deep wound that bleeds continuously, they likely need immediate treatment at Pet Method. Lacerations or punctures that are small (less than ½ inch in length) typically do not need stitches or staples and will usually heal on their own. If you are unsure, please schedule an appointment for your fur buddy with Dr. Finn today.

    Depending on the size of the laceration or puncture, treatment can take about 30 minutes to one hour. If Dr. Finn determines that x-rays or other diagnostic tests are needed, it can increase the treatment time.

    No, they won’t. Dr. Finn will use calming techniques paired with anesthesia or a light sedative to ensure they are comfortable and safe during the entire procedure.