Dogs use their anal glands to communicate with other animals and mark their territory – but sometimes, these glands cause problems. Anal gland issues range from mild irritation to severe infection and, if left untreated, can become very painful for your pup.

If your dog emits a fishy smell or exhibits behaviors such as excessive scooting or licking around the anus, schedule a vet appointment with a trained professional. Dr. Hunter Finn can diagnose the issue and recommend the best course of treatment. Solutions like Glandex oral supplements may restore their overall wellness.

Call Pet Method to book an exam and learn about potential solutions in McKinney, TX. We work hard to ensure your pet receives the best possible care and lives as happily and healthily as possible.

Why does my dog smell fishy?

There are many reasons your dog may smell fishy. For example, a diet low in fiber causes the stool to become harder and drier. As a result, the anal glands may not empty properly, causing bacteria to build up and emit a bad smell. Some dogs are also prone to infections or abscesses that produce an unpleasant odor. Pet parents should observe their dogs closely and consider what may be causing these issues.

Uncovering the source of the odor

If you detect a fishy odor from your dog, the first step is to inspect them for signs of skin irritation or infection. Check for redness, swelling, or discharge around the base of the tail and anal area. Discharge from an abscess is foul-smelling and may be accompanied by symptoms like excessive scooting or licking around the anus.

An abscessed tooth can also produce an unpleasant smell, so be sure to examine their teeth and gums to rule out oral health problems.

What happens during a pet diagnostic exam?

Anal gland issues can be diagnosed during a vet appointment at Pet Method. Dr. Finn begins by checking your dog for redness or inflammation around the anus. Additional tests may be performed as needed. Here are some benefits of working with our team in McKinney, TX:

  • Experienced and knowledgeable pet professionals
  • State-of-the-art diagnostic tools
  • Personalized treatments tailored to your needs
  • Dedication to providing the best care possible

Why Glandex?

Glandex is an oral supplement designed and formulated by vets. The unique fiber blend promotes firm stools to support the emptying of the anal glands. Key ingredients include omega fatty acids, probiotics, and digestive enzymes. Most pets see results within 3 – 5 weeks of treatment and may require 2 – 3 months of regular usage for optimal results.

Need extra support? Glandex Advanced Vet Strength offers even more relief for pets with anal gland issues. Dr. Finn can help determine whether the regular or advanced version of Glandex is best for your pup.

Schedule a pet diagnostic exam

Your dog’s comfort and well-being are important to us. If you detect a fishy smell or unusual behaviors such as excessive scooting or licking around the anus, Dr. Hunter Finn can perform a pet diagnostic exam and recommend a course of treatment. Learn about Glandex oral supplements to help support anal gland health in McKinney, TX. Contact Pet Method for a vet appointment and, let us provide your pup with the best care possible.